Vonimp cattery is now closed. Thank you to all our pet owners and breeders who trusted us and helped us over the years.

11 March, 2020

Dear Vonimp friends,

Our Ragdoll breeding has come to an end.

Since there is still no test for Uterine Horn Segmental Aplasia & Ipsilateral Renal Agenesis, we decided not to continue breeding Ragdolls.

We are still continuing breeding the Turkish Angora and we invite you to learn more about this wonderful breed by visiting our CadiKedisi and AnaTanriƧa websites.

This problem is very prevalent in the breed today, even though it is often not talked about. Kittens with one kidney will most likely live a normal life span and not suffer because of it, but since this is an inherited issue running in many popular lines, we have decided we do not want to be responsible for spreading this problem and having kittens born with missing vital organs.

We recommend to all Ragdoll breeders to check their kittens for kidneys at birth, when it is easy to feel them, and also have their vets check them at vaccination. Ragdoll breeders, please warn your vets about this issue - even if female cat has one uterine horn, it will still have two ovaries and you MUST REMOVE the second ovary. It will be attached to a broad ligament. I am happy to talk to anyone who needs help and support about this issue - feel free to contact me.

Ragdoll owners of cats with one kidney - please make sure you do not feed dry food for your cats. You must keep the only kidney healthy and well flushed. I have created a support group on Facebook for people who own a Ragdoll with one kidney - please join and share your experience!

I would love to stay in touch with all our Vonimp babies - if you have one of our cats please join our private group on Facebook!

The following article was published in New Zealand Cat Fancy Magazine, December 2020.

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