About Ragdolls

I fell in love with ragdolls on first sight. They are beautiful pointed, big, blue-eyed cats with the best temperament.

Ragdolls are very laid back and people-orientated cats. They are quite large with soft silky coat and plumed tail. Their bodies are light-colored with darker Siamese-type points on face, legs, tail and ears. Three basic coat patterns are: pointed, mitted and bicolour. Six recognized pattern colours are: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream. Points can be solid, lynx (tabby markings on points only), or tortie. They are a semi longhair breed, and although they have a long coat, they keep it very clean. They generally do not mat, but they do need regular brushing. More care is needed in spring, when they change their coat.

You can see examples and description of colours and patterns if you visit: http://www.rfci.org/info/color_pattern.php

To learn more about the breed please check out RFCI. Another good site where you can learn more about ragdolls is Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide.