We feed all our cats and kittens raw food. Our kittens are also introduced to a quality wet food, so that they are well used to it in case new owners can not always provide good quality raw food.

I use recipe created by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM and I recommend to anyone interested in raw feeding to carefully read her website as it has a lot of useful information:


I use minced whole chicken including bones (which I mince myself as I bought a strong professional mincer) and add liver, eggs and supplements as per recipe. I also make a version with added lamb heart. I use all fresh ingredients, make large batches and freeze it so I can use it for couple of weeks. When I buy frozen minced rabbit, I add some meat or lambs heart as rabbit has very high bone content, as well as liver and supplements and I only make a small amount that can be used in a couple of days. I also feed possum, goat, hare, and sometimes wallaby and fish.

For Auckland based people the best source for raw food is Raw Essentials:


You can also try Carnivoro, but do small trials with their recipes as my cats did not like all the products.


For people in Northland, Possumman has a very good quality possum, goat and rabbit:


For Wellington people:


To order supplements such as taurine, vitamins B and E, fish oil... go to https://www.iherb.com

If you use code: YEQ729 you will get a $5 or $10 discount.

I plan to expand this section to include samples of the meals we feed as well as photos...